The implementation of single-family, semi-detached or terraced house project always consists of many steps. First of which is profound analysis of an area on which the project is going to be created.. The second one is getting to know the client’s expectations and vision. Next step is the determination of costs and an attempt to minimize them realistically, without adversely affecting the overall investment. The last step is simulation of the use of specific materials in the implementation of the project. All of them are taken into account during the implementation of house project for our Clients.

We can create the design of your house. You will find us in Gliwice. Our many years of experience enables us to implement a projects which will meet the expectations of their future residents. It can significantly improve comfort and quality of life.


  • Your opinion is the most importanat for us

As professional and experienced architects, we wan’t focus only on highlighting advantages of our designs. We are trying to listen and create projects that will meet expectations of our clients. Nothing is impossible.

  • We will prcisely analyse all variables

We have knowledge necessary to analyse the project on many levels in terms of various threats and optimal solutions. Experience and expert knowledge enables us to forsee all factors, which can have an impact on the project in future years.

  • We will cut costs… head on!

There are many ways to cut costs. We know how to make savings in long-term, during construction and exploitation at the design stage.

  • Analysis of the impact on the environment

Professional and experienced architect from our office, will keep focusing on analysis of specyfic investment’s impact on surroundings. The basic factor here can be the coherence of architecture and the environment, as well as skilful introduction of something new and unique to the project.

  • Access to the best IT tools of the Premium standard

Only professional architecture offices, as ours, have access to newest applications, dedicated to specislists. Advanced modeling, creating estimates and access to complex libraries are the features of the best tools. Thanks to them our estimates are more percise, so the final price wan’t surprise you.

  • We will take care of formalities connected to construction

We know that it’s not every day that you build a house. We will provide necessary information and help with taking care of all formalites connected to design and construction itself.


We perform services of house design not only for Gliwice residents, but for individual clients and investors from Silesia and other voivodeships as well. We have choosen this area on purpose – we grew up here. Silesia is a very complex area in terms of architecture and as a result deals with different architectural problems. It is good to remember that this region have been affected by a series of changes caused by mining operations. This factor is really important in our analysis and designs.

If you are interested in cooperation, we invite you to contact us. We hope, that we will be able to help in the realization of your dreams!

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