Interior of a single-family house in Bielsko-Biała

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Wnętrza domu jednorodzinnego
2012 r.
80 m²

Our main goal was to create simple, functional interiors with contrasting combinations of materials and textures with minimalist colors, which revive the space. Our task was to refresh the entrance zone and the living room. Interiors were designed based on contrasts: black and white, smooth, lacquered surfaces collided with the natural stone texture of gres tiles laying on the floor.

Animation of implementation:

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  We are a project studio which was founded in 2009. From that point until now we constantly change in order to provide the best service. Within first 6 years we have been a partnership. In 2015 we became a Private Ltd. Company. Our office is located in Gliwice on 1/1 Paulińska Street, 150 meters from DTŚ road. This location facilitates access to the office for our Investors. We are involved in project all over Poland, but our main focus concentrates on the South of our country.  We gained our experience on international markets by taking part in architectural competitions.

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