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Edison Park

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Budynek handlowy
Gliwice, skrzyżowanie
ul. Łabędzkiej i Edisona
ok. 1100 m²

The building was designed as a two-storeyed building. Ground floor plan has rectangular shape, however first floor is divided into two cubes. North part is higher and in the front protrudes a 4m bracket with a glass front. Main entrance is located under the bracket near Edisona Street, the second entrance is placed from the Łabędzka Street. Elevations are covered with black panels, which perfectly fits in with the surroundings. Glazing are designed to flush with the wall and create compact cube.

Space used for products exposition is located on the ground floor and can be shaped according to users needs.
From the sout-east siede there are offices and social rooms. Staircase, serving the first floor is located in the south-west corner, which creates a possibility to divide upper floor into two separate offices if needed, without limiting the space to create an indvidual unit. The groud floor is assumed to be two-offices space.
In both parts office space consists of a representative hall with a waiting room and a secretary’s office, a conference room, open-offices, smaller office rooms, social facilities and toilets. There is also a roof tarace connecting two offices

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